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Take that Summmer feeling with you anywhere you go. Every one of our packs is filled with 100% fruit, fun and sun to make your snacking moment perfect.
Strawberries are the ultimate Summm!er berries but are also one of the most delicate fruit out there. They require patience, delicate handling in addition to a lot of care. For that reason, we do it all ourselves. All of the strawberries in Summm!er packs are grown by us and we use only PREMIUM varieties, nourished in state-ofb the-art facilities. This means we can control the process from the very beginning – from a tiny plant to gorgeous fruit, processed in our factory (right next to the growing area).
What does it take to create true masterpiece? This question has been bugging us for a long time and to showcase our superior quality, we decided to take what Mother Nature developed over millenia and stop the time. The Perfect Strawberry in our packs is the ultimate testament to beauty of the most magnificent berry in unison with the most advance technology. 100% Natural and simply breathtaking.
Did you know that raspberries belong to the same family as roses? Well, they are most certainly a lot healthier and they have more vitamin C than oranges! They also pack a punch in other areas: they are high in potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E, magnesium, folate, omega-3 fatty acids, manganese, and calcium. At the same time, the flavours are simply amazing. We love them so much that we started growing those ourselves!
Here comes the Super-Fruit! Ever since the world discovered the power of these beautiful blue balls, the rise of the humble bluberry has been unstoppable. And quite rightly as only a handful of these contains 2 grams of fibre and 10% of your daily recommended vitamin C (but only 44 calories). We carefully selected only the sweetest varieties for Summ!er packs so all you have to do is to enjoy them whenever you feel like it.
Can you name a fruit with no fat, sodium or cholesterol but with loads of natural fibre and vitamin C? Make way for the Apple. Every Summm!er pack is one of your five a day so feels free to take one as your morning snack. Kids simply adore these crunchy snacks full of flavours.
This amazing fruit can instantly bring back memories of those special Summm!er holidays. It’s sweet and fragrant and surprisingly refreshing. And should not be taken for granted – one plant needs up to three years to grow and will yield one fruit in a single season so we make sure our pineapples are responsibly sourced and pack like the gems they are. Enjoy!
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