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We all love summer. The sun, the fun and everything related to it. But we do not think anyone loves it more than Vyk (our Summer-In-Chief, CEO and Founder). Ever since he was a child, he wanted to keep that summer feeling lasting all year long, and not just for a few month. Especially the smell and flavor of strawberries.
So, in 2015 together with his friends he decided to do just that. Using the same technology as NASA, they ventured bravely into the world of freeze-drying. Perfectionist by nature, Vyk spent months obsessing over selecting only the best varieties. He hired the world-famous experts who now runs research trials on out R&D field. Vyk knew that only by growing fruit himself, he would be able to maintain the highest quality. Then he spent sleepless nights going over the best machinery, facilities, packaging, people, supply chains… Well, you get it. Let’s just say that Vyk likes to get things perfect.

Fast forward to today and his company, Dehidra, now grows only premium varieties in a brand-new stateof-the-art facility. There are over 40 miles of strawberries which after being lovingly picked, are prepared, flash-frozen and put into vacuum to produce the most delicious fruit snacks. And the best part Well, you can have them all-year round.
Vyk did not stop there. He now travels the world, seeking others with similar passion for growing perfection who can deliver their best fruit to him. He will stop at nothing to keep the Summm!er going forever. And so the story continues…
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